The Real Estate Development
Golden Thread

Founded in Switzerland by two childhood friends, our PropTech specializes in providing visualization solutions to address the most important challenges in the construction and real estate industry. (from concept to commercialization)

Our Mission

To create a golden thread from concept to commercialization by using advanced 3D topographic data and cutting-edge real-time visualization. We provide essential decision-making GIS tools for developers while building a seamless digital customer journey for the end buyer.

Our solutions are already having an impact / enabling global clients (frank knight etc logos)


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We offer cutting-edge, data-driven experiences for high-end real estate projects for leading developers and property agencies across Switzerland.

Infrastructure Visualization software

Visualize your plans and project constraints in real-world context on a single platform, enabling early understanding and evaluation of site constraints.

Digital showflat

Immerse your customers in experiential content to sell with emotions. Our interactive tools are available in Metaquest3, Apple Vision pro and displayed on any device.

Interactive configurators

The interactive web experience, available to the masses to shed light on your off-plan project. Share the essential information about your project in a visual way.

Custom 3D software

Impress clients at expos and in sales galleries by showcasing your development's key features in an easy-to-navigate app, enhancing transparency and reducing project turnover time.
In development: AI enhanced sales experience & Import your BIM model directly into our highly detailed mapping

Grounded in industry feedback and the challenges faced in real estate and construction, our bold strategy stands out.

Our Team

Our diverse team includes developers, artists, AI specialists, architects, marketing professionals, and GIS experts, all committed to transforming the construction and real estate market.