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Interior & exterior photo renderings

Your customers won’t know if it’s a photo or a rendering. 

We use the best modeling programs and the most advanced 3D methods.

Rendu 3D haute qualité salle de bain

We like to combine general views with “wide angle” views of the materials you choose.

Bring your project to life with our professional renders.  

Our 3D services

We use 3D in different forms to animate your creations.

From video to interactive virtual reality experience, offer your customers an unforgettable moment.

Video renderings

It is a very powerful complement to photo renderings. In addition to giving clients a precise idea of the dimensions and general appearance of their future property, it serves as a trailer for exceptional projects and helps with the sale.

360° virtual tour

It is the most affordable immersive solution. You can easily integrate these tours into your website or by sharing the link and the experience is realistic on all platforms (computers, smartphones, tablets).

Interactive VR experience

An immersive experience thanks to the sounds, the different light settings, the future view from the balcony and the possibility to explore different material choices (kitchens, walls, floors, furniture, etc).

Our creative steps

Our creative process is transparent and well defined. With these steps, we are confident that the work will be done on time and according to the estimate.

1. Pre-project & estimate

We gather all the information, plans, drawings and 3D in order to give you an accurate estimate and deadline.

2. Preliminary rendering

After the creation of a first rendering, we validate with you the environment, the geometry and the optimal viewpoint. This is a phase during which you can make any necessary changes.

3. Corrected rendering

Corrections are made after you return to the previous phase. During this stage, many details are added to the rendering.

4. Final rendering

Following your corrections on the details added in the previous step, we parameterize the light and the precise settings and we send you the final rendering.


We answer the questions that often come up, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

We are a young company, but our 3D experts have 8 years of experience on 3DSMAX and 3 years of experience on Unreal Engine. We are constantly experimenting with new software/plugins to offer you the latest innovations. 

Acube is 4 associates, a marriage between architecture and project management expertise. A³ is formed by a graduate of the EPFL, one of the ETH, one of the HEC and one of the EHL.

We like to surpass ourselves and develop new applications of our 3D know-how.

Your most ambitious ideas become reality.

We need to have all the technical characteristics such as the floor plan, facades, partitions and elevations.  The reference of the materials on the plan will also be useful.

In order for us to be able to do the 3D, we need to have as much information as possible about the general ambiance, the look, the atmosphere you want to give to the renderings. For the interior, we need to have the layout of the furniture and their specifications (drawings, materials, textures, etc.)

You can also give us the points of view you want to have, the lighting parameters, the time of day in the rendering, etc.

If you have 3D models and the master plan in the format: rds, skp, fbx, obj, dwg, 3dm, pln, pla it is ideal for us. 

Concerning the landscape plan, dwg is suitable for us. 

With all the information about the project, we can give you an accurate quote quickly.

The price is influenced by the data we receive from you. Creating 3D from 2D drawings will take more time than if you already have 3D elements in your possession.

We are committed to always advising you on the most cost effective service for your needs.

We use your basic models (SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD or Revit format) and then convert them into 3dsMax in order to optimize it. 

We use 3dsMax coupled with Corona or V-Ray.

Our goal is to use Photoshop in post-production as little as possible, and to get the best quality raw renderings possible. This will allow us to improve the cost of a potential video or rendering addition, because we won’t have to start from scratch.