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Catch attention and create an unforgettable customer experience with interactive 3D. From virtual tours to augmented/virtual reality, our team of artists and developers is limited only by your imagination.


Our products in 3D

Acube sets itself apart with high-end, interactive and accessible products to accompany your customers from off-plan sales to the personalization of their future property.

  • Panoraview
  • AVizion
  • Abuild

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About Acube

Innovation & interactivity

“Our vision is to make all 3d experiences accessible with a simple link”

We are a Swiss company, made of people passionate about architecture and new technologies.

Our team is made up of architects, Unreal Engine artists and developers to meet all your needs without compromising aesthetics or technical optimization.

We also have access to a network of over 300 developers and artists worldwide for your large-scale projects.

Our Products

Make selling easier

Discover our innovative products.

We’ll advise you according to your objectives and budget.

Video Animation

Impress your customers with 360° videos, an innovative service that creates a "wow" effect.

- Viral factor
- Usable on all platforms (social networks, YouTube, website...)
- Trailer for your project

AR/VR Solutions

The ultimate memorable, immersive experience.

- Virtual reality headset, computer or smartphone
- Modify materials, change day/night, walk around your future property
- AR accessible from all your devices

Virtual Showrooms

The ultimate phygital personalization experience on a touchscreen

- From furniture stores to superyachts
- Saves time and space
- Rapid modifications and rendering (addition of new models + marketing)

Our projects

Blending art, innovation and interactivity

Acube helps architects and property developers to differentiate themselves, communicate better with their customers and sell before building.

  • 360° Tours
  • Video animation
  • Interactive showroom
  • VR / AR


*All our experiences are in non-existent properties.

A cube

Virtual tour

Clos de Gravelone

Virtual Tour


Animation Video

Trailer Design

A cube

Animation video

Natural realism

Showroom 3D App


Virtual tour


Virtual Tour

Commercial Center

Working together

For your future projects

Do you have an idea in mind? A crazy project? Or do you need some advice?

The great thing about 3d is that anything is possible – the only limit is your imagination.