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The showroom of the future

A modular product configurator

“Our aim is to help you save space, time and costs in your showroom by blending the digital with the physical thanks to 3d”.

Imagine your customers coming into your showroom and discovering all the items in your catalog on a touch screen… Being able to personalize the environment so that it resembles their own. Imagine your customers being able to personalize their kitchen, living room, bedroom or yacht interior. Being able to take screenshots of their favorite configurations and send them to each other by email. We’re revolutionizing your customers’ shopping experience while saving your company space and ordering costs.

The benefits of AVizion

Here are just a few of the features of our software that may be of interest to you

  1. Creation of customized environments and rooms
  2. Management of different cameras, zoom and movement
  3. Choice of textures, colors, materials and accessories
  4. Screenshots with gallery access, sent by e-mail or by scanning a QR code
  5. Day and night modes
  6. Studio mode for your customers to customize their environment
  7. Studio creator mode so your marketing department can create infinite photo/video content in any format
  8. Virtual reality (VR) headset integration
  9. Augmented reality integration so your customers can view your products at home
  10. Custom development for your wildest ideas.