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a-rr architecture


Mai 2023


Vaud, Switzerland

Visualization of a shopping center

The architects at a-rr commissioned us for this project to offer an innovative experience to Coop shopping center customers.

The existing shopping center will be completely renovated, and during the construction period, customers will be able to scan 3 QR codes placed at different locations.

By scanning the QR code, they will find themselves in a 360° experience, visualizing their future shopping center with the layout, textures and materials represented in photorealistic fashion.

After a first version on the second floor of the Centre Coop, a-rr called on us again to create a third panoramic point at the entrance to the parking lot.

Our responsiveness and ability to meet tight deadlines were much appreciated by the customer.

“Thanks to Unreal Engine and optimized procedures, we were able to be very responsive when modifications were requested by the customer.”

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