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Interactive experience in virtual reality (VR)

We create a total immersion thanks to the quality of our 3D and sound experience. Our interactive experience makes it fun and engaging to your client.

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For an interactive VR

Imagine your client John placing a virtual reality headset over his eyes and finding himself in his future property.

He moves into his living room, changes the couch, tries a dark wood floor, then taupe tile. He turns around and changes the kitchen wall, then goes to his bedroom and looks at the beautiful view from his window.

John’s experience will be unforgettable!

Great applications for VR?

An exceptional project or a historical monument to renovate.

Apartments for sale before construction.

Or a virtual visit of a furniture or supplies store.

The benefits of VR

Our creative process is transparent and well defined. With these steps, we are confident that the work will be done on time and according to the estimate.

Wow Effect

Those who have tested virtual reality can testify. The experience is captivating and unforgettable. It's the best way to stay in the minds of your customers.


Take the example of an architect's plan that you show to a client. How much is 40m²? With VR, it is easy to imagine the real dimensions.


It is easier for a customer to buy a property they have already seen with their own eyes than to buy from a plan or photo.


You can welcome customers to your offices for the VR experience, but also demonstrate your innovation at a trade show, a conference, or even directly send an app to your customers who can open it on their smartphone.


Once the property is modeled, it is always possible to add details, change the decor or modify certain aspects of your project. You want to add a room? Change a sofa or even the view from the balcony? Everything is possible.

What future for VR?

The VR market is currently worth over $7.8 billion and according to experts, is expected to grow to $27 billion before 2027.

More and more industries are embracing VR to personalize their customer experiences, and it’s no coincidence that the real estate industry is increasingly embracing it.

According to Goldman Sachs, 1.4 million real estate agents are using virtual reality for their clients. In Switzerland, the market is still very new.